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Receiving and Using Award Recognition

We are proud to write a monthly column for FranchisingUSA Magazine.  If you wish to view this article and all of our articles inside the magazine.  Please follow this link. Ever wonder how your competitors win all those industry awards and what use they are after the chicken dinner ceremony? Here is a little secret.  Many […]

5 Quick Social Media Tips

Social Media, something that seems so simple, yet is so complicated to those who don’t regularly use it. People who use it frequently just don’t seem to comprehend how difficult it can be for people new to social media or to internet functions.  With this in mind, I want to give you all 5 tips on how to use Social Media. 1. Pick the Right Platform for your Target Market: ​ Whether it be Facebook,  Twitter, Instagram, or maybe all 3! You are the only person who knows what kind of people your business is trying to reach. 2. Be Human, have fun: ​ I know this sounds silly, but when your company gives  true, honest responses, it gives the customer a feeling that you have a personal commitment to them; that you care about your customer. Being humorous  in

If It Was Easy – They Would All Do It

Networking is not easy.  You must dedicate time and energy to meet potential clients and to gain information that will help you grow your business.  Here are some helpful tips to assist you in becoming a networking guru.

Evaluating and Choosing the Right Franchise

There are more than 3,000 different franchises available in the United States. How can you increase your chances of choosing the right one? Following these 10 steps can increase your chances of choosing a franchise that will make you successful both from a personal and financial standpoint. 1. Determine what you can afford and are […]

Kauffman Entrepreneurial Mindset

General musings by industry experts, consultants, conversations with Veteran business owners and other random items of importance we think Veteran small business owners should know.  

Business Owner Profile: Denny Leary – Peak Promotional Products Inc.

By Ted Murphy This article profiles local veteran business owner Denny Leary, who founded Peak Promotional Group in January 2001. Before starting Peak, Leary was a photographer for the St. Louis Blues for over six years, worked for Delta Air Lines for 15 years, and ran his own travel company for 11 years. He is […]