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While we appreciate you stopping by our site, you have reached the wrong VETBIZ.  You want Vetbiz.Gov (click here and we will get you back to the right spot.) If you find that site confusing or need more assistance, come on back and register for counseling. We are only too happy to help.

Any person who honorably served in the United States military all five branches (Of course we did not forget the Coast Guard) can receive our assistance. We also help family members of those persons who are holding down the fort while their loved one is deployed. And we work with widows/widowers as needed.

Well yeah! We encourage you to bring business partners, family members and investors with you to the consulting meetings. Basically anyone that you still want to have a relationship with as you are starting this business should come.  Worst thing you can do is learn new information but your support system does not.

Wow you have opened a can of worms huh! We know. We know.  The guy on the infomercial told you that there were government grants out there for you to get.  Ok, let’s think about this for a hot second.  If there were free money out there, you would see the line from Mars! Business owners need to think about ‘free money’ or grants differently.  Our services are $275 per hour – you do not pay because someone else does. A QuickBook class can be $400 but we offer them for less than $20 to clients – you save $380 in your budget. See! If you can get great information that would normally come from your budget then you are getting a ‘grant’.

Yes, we have several ways to help you make a decision about small business as a direction. You should register for one of our “How To” courses held each month. Please visit our training center for a list of classes and times.

The Boots to Business (B2B) program is a 2-day intensive course held on military post for transitioning military personnel and their families. Registration is completed through the Transition Assistance Program or Army Career Assistance Program through the Family Readiness Center on post. If you are already a transitioned military member (i.e. Veteran) please contact your local post to see if you can attend. If not, there will be Reboot B2B happening in our region. This will be open for all Veterans and family members. That schedule is here for across the country, Alaska, Hawaii, Guam & Puerto Rico.

No worries.  We have strong relationships with all of the VBOC’s across the country. No matter where you start or finish, we will ensure your information is transferred to the properly VBOC to handle your small business needs.  All VBOC’s fall under the same confidentiality rules so your information is secure. We got you Vet!

Well, that is the $64,000 question. No really, it’s $64,000!  The answer is “it depends.” The current Executive Director of the VBRC is an Army Veteran. Her rule is Army is no cost.  Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard pay in small, shiny trinkets that are really expensive and hard to come by.  Navy (since she is mad that they keep beating Army at football – sore subject we don’t speak on it) pays the going market rate for all services plus their first born child. The caveat is that child must be well-behaved. If not, you keep them we have enough challenges dealing with the Marine clients.

Wait, she says it is no cost for all who qualify for our services.  There are adjusted fees for some classes and clients who need on-site consulting are charged at a sliding scale. You should inquire with the Administrator for more details.

Good, because we were not looking forward to taking on your kids.

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