Case Studies

Greg A., an Army veteran and his partner contacted the Center in April 2017.  They were looking to purchase a learning and daycare center in Omaha,NE.  They wanted help navigating the sales process and advice on funding and leasing.

During the first conversations, the clients indicated that the terms of the purchase were pretty close to worked out.  Damon discussed valuation and structuring the terms of the purchase agreement.  An emphasis was put on ensuring there was a non-compete and consulting arrangement and that the assets/inventory were valued appropriately.  They discussed business valuation, the purchase agreement was formulated and they reviewed it along with the financials.  More discussions on leasing vs. buying and terms, ensuring that renewal increases were capped and getting the landlord to put forward some funds for leasehold improvements.

Results:  An agreement was reached to eliminate the lease deposit and put that towards the improvements.  They have a two-year lease with three and five year options.  A final financing arrangement was worked out.  Centrist Credit Union was chosen from among three offers.  With a final purchase  price the lender finances 77% of the deal, the seller 12% and the clients 10%.  The bank valued the business at over $200K higher than the purchase price negotiated.

Damon and Margertha also discussed the importance of having professional help to navigate both the terms of purchase and their ongoing operations.  They discussed getting accounting and legal help and the things to look for.  They are in the process of gathering referrals and interviewing.

The next step will be working on a strategic plan for the business.

Adonis Electronics Recycling – Mike Wichlan, Matt Primo, and Jim Adolfus

Damon met with Mike and Matt for the first time at the Center in November 2014. They indicated they were having problems with process and no capital. We felt they had a good business idea but were not executing very well. We identified the major issues and set about working them. They were probably a month or two from closing their doors at our first meeting.

RESULTS: Today, they have brought on a new partner (Jim) with a cash infusion and plans to invest $12.5K more. Matt is also investing another $12.5K. They have set up a retail space in their location. In addition, they have hired 3 new full time employees.

Blue Osprey Security – Darrel Shanks

Darrel contacted us in December 2014 and was pursuing a Vocational Rehabilitation Self Employment grant for $25,000. We reviewed the plan he had and put together a good plan with solid financials, competitive advantage, marketing, and strategy. It was forwarded with our recommendation for approval in January. As always, we are optimistic this will go through even though it was strongly related to fire arms which is usually something not funded by the VA. Their concern was it may be selling or manufacturing guns or ammunition.

UPDATE: Grant has been approved for $24,600 and is being disbursed. Looking at opening in April 2015. Will not have any immediate new hires as he will be a one man show at the beginning.