What We Do: Counseling

Our process is about helping you make a decision that is best for you and your family!

5-Phase Veteran Entrepreneur Process

Developed over 10 years – WE KNOW THIS WORKS! How do we know? Because 63% of the small businesses that we have assisted from 2010 to 2013 are still operating! We are not satisfied with that statistic! However, considering that 7 of 10 small businesses fail in the first 3 years we are excited about the prospects of reaching a 80% or better in the next two years.

Why does this work? Because we are here to assist you not do it for you! Our process is designed to help you make a decision that is right for you and your current situation, assess your idea, and understand the best way to implement for maximum impact!

The VBRC utilizes a 5-pronged approach to assisting clients: 1) Evaluation and Counseling; 2) Business Consulting; 3) Skills Development; 4)Operations Implementation and 5) Mentoring. The model is based on theories of cognitive entrepreneurship development and adaptive work in combination with the formal education and real world experience of consultants.

PHASE 1 – Evaluation/Counseling

The client’s entrepreneurial abilities are further assessed using validated evaluation programs. Counselor discusses pros and cons of the venture’s readiness for small business. We determine if your idea is a viable business or a really great hobby.

PHASE 2 – Business Consulting

Counselors work to help the client understand marketing plan creation, financial management, and other business-related concepts.

Start-up companies entering the program will experience heavier emphasis on counseling and education in small business processes and planning. Expanding companies also experience one-on-one education and counseling with more emphasis on the company growth and development because of their ability to go after larger contracts and team on joint ventures.

Counselors and mentors spend significant time in consulting with the company and its functions. Companies are assisted in evaluating themselves and potential vendors across 4 key dimensions: Quality Product; Service; On Time Delivery, and Reasonable Price.

Emphasis is on more advanced concepts in business such as supply chain management, delegation of authority, training and accounting are supported.

PHASE 3 – Skills Development

A robust process that requires exploration of new behaviors and learning. The relationship with the client allows the counselor to help client do the work and, subsequently, take ownership of the process.

Phase 4 – Operations Implementation

Clients are assisted with securing business loans or other capital, preparation for operations and opening up the small business. Celebrations are promoted through social media and other avenue and client is promoted to other VBRC clients and potential partners.

PHASE 5 – Mentoring

Successfully established businesses help move the client through a formal process annotating his/her strengths and opportunities for improvement.

The goal is to assign a mentor that will stay with the small business throughout the duration of the program. Exposure to other local, regional and national programs helps our clients stay focused and continue to grow.